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The Institute of Transportation Economics was founded on May 14, 1946, replacing the Toa Society of Transportation, a foundation that had been established in 1941 as a joint initiative of Gotaro Ogawa, the then Minister of Rail, and Shozo Murata, the then Minister of Posts and Telecommunication.

Since its foundation, as a bridge between academic and practical studies, we have engaged in research into the current status of traffic conditions and transportation management inJapanand overseas, and collected transportation-related literature and information. We also have been working as a private research and study organization, specializing in the economics and management of land, sea and air transportation.

Since 1947, we have published the monthly journal “Transportation and Economics”, which has developed as a forum in which research into, and studies of, all aspect of transportation are presented.

The Toa Society of Transportation, on the other hand, has been re-organized into the Japan Society of Transportation Economics, a private organization. To this day, the Instituteof Transportation Economicshas continued to act as its secretariat.

With the reform of the system for public interest corporations, theInstituteofTransportation Economicswas transformed into a non-profit general incorporated foundation on April 1, 2012. Supported by the numerous achievements that are part of our history, we will strive to strengthen the co-operative relationship between industry and academia, with the aim of contributing further to the development of transportation.