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Primary Activities

Research & Study

  • Contracted and independent surveys, research, studies and consultations
  • Meetings, forums & symposia

We conduct various contract and independent researches into, and surveys of, trasnportation economics and management at the request of many fields and industries. We also organize and hold meetings, forums and symposia for presenting and discussing research results.

Information / knowledge services

  • Publication – monthly journal “Transportation and Economics”
  • Transportation library, research and reference service

In addition to the publication of “Transportation and Economics”, a monthly journal specializing in transportation, we provide services including the conservation/management and research and reference services on literature and materials relating to transportation economics and management, which have been collected over many years by our library.

Secretariat of The Japan Society of Transportation Economics

We provide support to the management and research activities of The Japan Society of Transportation Economics, the secretariat of which was established within the Institute.